Futurmat Coffee Machines 

At Gene Curry, we are the Irish Importers of Futurmat Coffee Machines. The machines are manufactured in Barcelona, Spain by Quality Espresso S.A. who have more than 50 years design and manufacturing experience. Quality Espresso’s mission is to be the leaders in design, production and distribution of professional food service equipment for the preparation of beverages related to espresso coffee, milk and tea.
The brands manufactured by Quality Espresso are the benchmarks used by foodservice professionals when considering commercial espresso and cappuccino coffee machines. The Futurmat brand was created in Spain in 1978 and rapidly expanded to become the number one selling brand in Spain.
One of the key contributions to espresso technology, the incorporation of vertical release electro-valves underneath the group heads, was developed in Barcelona and is now used by all competitors.

F2 Ottima Q10 Quality Espresso 


Choice of one or two regular or half cups at touch of a button. Comes with an easy to use digital display. The two stainless steel steam arms rotate to deliver an easily controlled steam supply to make those quality cappuccinos and lattes. It is precision engineered from materials that have been specified and tested to withstand high temperatures and water pressure. It allows you to produce espresso with the best “crema” time after time.

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  • Makes Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Americano, Café Mocha, Drinking Chocolate, Teas and Soups.
  • 13 litre boiler
  • 3,500 watt heating element
  • 63kg weight
  • Available in black, red, white or titanium colours
Product Image For F2


Mono block 2 kilo brass group heads with infusion extraction system. Rustproof galvanised steel chassis and stainless steel working surfaces. Copper boiler with independent thermo-siphon heat exchanges for each group head. Two stainless steel rotational steam and one hot water outlet. Internal motor pump, electronically controlled water level. Secondary tubing made of Teflon.

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Q10 Quality Espresso Series

Fully Programmable LCD Touchscreen

Freshly ground coffee, cup by cup, without making your clients wait. Two doses or one instantaneously, at the touch of your filter holder.

Gridning disks made of hardened steel to ensure precise grinding and long life.

Three settings:

  • Dose on demand - the quickest fresh coffee grinder on the market. Ideal for busy coffee serving locations.
  • Grind on demand - each dose is prepared just before being served.
  • Manual dose - for manual dosification.

Elegant aluminium body with presence and durability.

  • Output: 8-10 Kg/hr
  • Power: 525W
  • Grinding Blades: 64mm
  • Revolutions: 1,250 RPM
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.5 Kg
  • Up to 25 grams doses
  • Net Weight: 16 Kg
  • Height: 63 cm
  • Width: 20 cm
  • Depth: 37 cm
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