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Zumoval's Catering Range has been designed to meet the needs of space and yield of any kind of business model.

We offer strong, fast and reliable citrus juicers that have gained extensive international recognition.

Top Minimax Zumoval Top with Stainless Steel Stand and Bottle Rack  Juice Extractor ZUMOVAL KIOSK 


The recommended option for businesses with high juice consumption. The large capacity of its basket and its shells gives it a great autonomy, a key factor for buffets, restaurants and the retail sector. 

This machine coming with automatic feeding and self-service tap suitable for hotels, bars, restaurants, fruit and veg shops and large supermarket chains.




  • 230 V  50 Hz - 60 Hz


  • 89 kg

Fruit Per Minute

  • 28

Peel Collection

  • Bin or Drum

Fruit diameter

  • 65-80 mm


  • 175cm (h) x 60cm (w) x 55cm (d) 

Protection Systems

  • Sensors blocking

Basket Capacity

  • 25 kg


  • Yes

 Price: €6395 plus VAT

You can purchase this machine over 36 months for only €224,85 plus VAT per month

Product Image For Top


The smallest juicer with manual feeder

15 fruits / minute

Dimensions: H 74cm x W 33cm x D 45cm

Fruit diametar: 65-80mm

This machine is ideal for bars, restaurants, and B&B's 

Adds higher level to your breakfast and lunch presentation with freshly squeezed juice on demand.

Price: €3395 plus VAT

You can purchase this machine over 36 months for only €119.36 per month plus VAT

Product Image For Minimax

Zumoval Top with Stainless Steel Stand and Bottle Rack

For high consumption in self-service mode

Multiple possible combinations.

This stand is adoptable to any of the juice machines we offer.

Service stand: €2200

Bottle Rack: €1500

Stainless steel self-tap: €860

Price for the machine and stand as seen on the picture: €9995

You can purchase this machine over 36 months for only €351,42 plus VAT per month

Product Image For Zumoval Top with Stainless Steel Stand and Bottle Rack

Juice Extractor

High productivity and yield centrifugal juicer for fruit and vegetables with attached pulp container – The ideal option to offer the best combinations.

  • Easy and quick to clean in less than 5 min
  • Magnetic disc and filter attachment
  • Up to 2 l of juice per minute
  • Encapsulated motor
  • Silent. Its rubber base absorbs vibration
  • 75 mm feed space
  • Aluminium body and stainless steel bowl


Juice extractor with central feeding hole

Hourly production max 130 kg.

Nominal power 350W/1,6A

Net weight 7kg/ Gross weight 9kg

Product Image For  Juice Extractor


  • Fibreglass structure
  • Octagonal-shaped base to maximise storage space at bottom of Kiosk.
  • Ample fibreglass frame
  • Base with two openings to directly install water input and output
  • Shelf on upper part of sphere
  • Electric opening mechanism
  • Access to Kiosk by two doors
  • Includes electrical system, light connections, 6 interior LEDs and water installation
  • 4 wheels (2 with brake)


Product Image For ZUMOVAL KIOSK

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