This is the best type of Milkshake machine available on the market.

Gino's Lucky Shaker 

Gino's Lucky Shaker

The Gino's Lucky Shaker has an output of 200 x 330 ml portions per hour. This machine has been designed to serve thick Irish Milkshakes efficiently to the fast food business and is also capable of producing Huzzle which is a new concept that will allow your business to compete with the larger chain takeaways. This machine comes with a stainless steel stand if required, cup and straw holders and 4 syrup pumps.

  • 5 Litres of Milkshake Mix costs €16, this makes 30 x 330 ml Milkshakes @ €3 per Milkshake = €90 sales value!
  • Milkshake cup & lid costs 20c
  • Milkshake syrup costs 5c per portion
  • Milkshake mix per portion costs 50c
  • At an average costing of 75c per 330 ml Milkshake leaving a profit of €2.25 per Milkshake sold!
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